The Honest Mistake Band is amazing and really deserves your attention. The band was founded in 1985 and had numerous members in the past. In 1997, founding members Pete and John decided to do everything themselves.


Pete-(Rocko) – Drums, Bass, Vocals & Guitar

John-(FlyinJV) – Guitar, Vocals, Keys

honest mistake band-2Pete has been playing music since he was 12 years old and grew up in the S.F.Bay area His main instrument has always been drums. Also, Pete started to play bass and guitar along with the drums in 1997. Pete got a Bass, Strat, Gibson LP Classic, Marshall & Fender Amp. Pete does vocals on (Everything is bad for you, Patriotic Rebellion, We got something to say etc..).

John has always been the lead guitarist and loves his Gibson LP Classic with custom wound humbuckers and his Marshall JCM800 amp, he also plays keyboards and uses a Theremin at times and performs the vocals on (I Told You So, Commie Town, A Creepy Man etc..)

Strikingly, they record their songs with only two members. They play and record the drums, guitar and vocals and then Pete turn on the SWR bass amp, grab the bass and headphones and add the bass track.

The Honest Mistake Band’s Songs:

the honest mistake band-1Patriotic Rebellion

A Creepy Man

Everything is bad for you

Commie Town

We got something to say

I Told You So

My Favorite Fuhrer, ……..Had fun with this one)

My Teacher Was A Marxist

Marxist Messiah

Liar N’ Chief,..great for Halloween.

Monday Morning Blues

eagle_wings_banner-honest-mistake-bandPete and Jonh are proud Americans and love this country and do voice their opinions, views and at times humor through their music, they have always stuck to their roots and love all styles of Rock, Metal, Blues, Southern Rock, Country etc….They never planned on writing and recording songs like some of these, but just had to do it! They put their country first before any political party and dislike corrupt politicians who constantly lie and attack the U.S. Constitution, Freedom and Liberty while promoting their own country destroying agendas and policies through deception, lies and tyranny.

Their music has a spirit and deep messages to the people. You need to hear their songs! They have original and impressive style. Enjoy!