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Image Of

The newest sound of metal based in Colorado Springs. Image Of are a hard rock/metal band bringing new sound to the genre, as cliche as that may sound. If your a fan of metal, you won’t be disappointed. Image Of has been together for more than four years, but only recently have they been getting […]

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The Greatest Heavy Metal band you probably never heard about, untill now !! Stryctnyne started in the early part of the 80s in Farmingdale, NY when Samson James met guitarist Grandma Cyco. After hearing Grandma play guitar Samson decided he was going to learn to play bass and form a band. It wasn’t long after that […]

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Big Stall

Big Stall – Comedy metal for quick-witted gentlemen that touches your no-no place and makes you giggle. Philadelphia-based Big Stall is equal parts metal band and comedy troupe, whose hilariously insensitive songs and outrageous live shows put the tire back in satire! Crushing guitars, powerful rhythms, and gratuitous keyboards provide the gargantuan soundscapes for Big […]

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American Metal Bands

In USA, Heavy metal is more than a music genre, it is a way to live life or a life style. US played a pivotal role in origin and development of Heavy metal music. American metal bands ‘The Velvet Underground’ and ‘Blue Cheer’ offered important contribution in development of Heavy metal music from Psychedelic rock […]

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