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The Greatest Heavy Metal band you probably never heard about, untill now !! Stryctnyne started in the early part of the 80s in Farmingdale, NY when Samson James met guitarist Grandma Cyco. After hearing Grandma play guitar Samson decided he was going to learn to play bass and form a band. It wasn’t long after that […]

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Rock & Metal. The best and the newer videos of the heavy genre.

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British Metal Bands

British metal bands
Britain served as the birthplace of Heavy metal music. Тhe music genre originated during 1960’s. British Metal bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple played pivotal role in development and popularity of heavy metal music. The new music genre soon become very popular among audience. This giving rise to enormous population of metal […]

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1382040607_play FlyingVRadio. Excellent USA radio for Metal and Rock.
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DistortionRadio.gr Metal Stream

1382040607_play DistortionRadio.gr Metal Stream
New place for Rock and Metal music. Metal stream, where your head will explode from the speed and intensity of the riffs.
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