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Lectern was formed in 1999 with the intent of playing, old school brutal death metal with Satanic lyrics. The inspiration came, within all the bands from United States, especially based in Tampa, Florida. As the 90′s were ending, and with the them the interest in death metal, Lectern tried since the very beginning of composing […]

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Banned From Hell

Banned From Hell is a very professional death metal band from Italy. The style is close to classical melodic death metal with tempo and beat changes but a bit more powerful and explosive. Influenced by deathcore and power metal, Banned From Hell have developed own style and special atmosphere in their songs.

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Brutal Existence Radio

1382040607_play Grind, Noise, True Punk, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Technical Death, Black Metal, Doom, and Sludge.
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Metal Hard

1382040607_play Metal Hard Radio. Japaneese radio for Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Thrash, Death Metal, Black Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, etc.
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