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GRINDING SINCE 1989 !!!!! The Band Members of DEGENERHATE are in the extreme music scene, since 1989, with their ex bands: CORPSEGOD,ENTHRALMENT,FLEGIAS, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE,CHAOTIC VIOLENCE, DESECRATION (a.k.a. D-FORM)and CORPSEFUCKINGART. DEGENERHATE originally formed in Rome, Italy in 2002, the band was started by guitarist Gianluca Lucarini(all music and all lyrics writer),wellknow in the scene for the […]

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TOME is the sinister side project of singer-songwriter Ian. S. Cophin (Velvet Ashes). TOME combines towering riffs and crushing drums with enigmatic melodic passages creating a dark amalgam of hauntingly evocative music.

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