The Greatest Heavy Metal band you probably never heard about, untill now !! Stryctnyne started in the early part of the 80s in Farmingdale, NY when Samson James met guitarist Grandma Cyco. After hearing Grandma play guitar Samson decided he was going to learn to play bass and form a band. It wasn’t long after that these 2 warriors of metal would form the nucleus of Stryctnyne. After going through numerous drummers and singers Stryctnyne landed singer Siren Scac whose powerful baritone that would seamlessly climb up to a high pitched falsetto, when needed, drove their music to new heights, and later on recruited a powerhouse drummer named Thunder Kyxx.

It was this lineup that recorded the eponymous white demo in 1989 that consisted of 3 songs that provided instant gratification with a long lasting impression. The first demo starts off with Turn the Power On, which is an anthem of the excitement that comes with racing and the power of heavy metal music. This song demonstrates perfectly Stryctnyne’s ability to connect instantly with fans of the genre. Stryctnyne makes it clear from the opening riff that they are on a mission to grab your attention and take you on a wild ride. Stryctnyne’s sound embodies the Judas Priest and Manowar ( Kings of Metal era ) formula of explosive heavy metal contained in tightly structured arrangements. No need to wait for the chorus as Stryctnyne come at you full throttle from beginning to end. The first demo garnered Stryctnyne praise not just from the New York Metro area but on an international level as well. In fact at one point their Metal Warrior tape had distribution set up in Germany. With their momentum growing at a furious pace, Stryctnyne were preparing for their second attack but this time with new drummer Jack Hammer.

UNITE Jack’s contribution to Stryctnyne was instantly recognizable in the background vocals. On Stryctnyne’s 1991 demo – Metal Warrior, You hear the high pitched harmonies in the chorus to opening track Stryctly Dangerous. After 20 years and numerous attempts to put the band back together, the unlikely happened. Thunderkyxx saw that the band had a facebook page started by a fan and posted on it that he’d be up for a reunion. This was in July of 2011. Shortly thereafter the band met as a unit for the first time in 20 yrs and laid out a plan of attack. They began to rehearse to get back in playing shape. This led to their first show in 20yrs at Ollie’s Point in Long Island on. Old fans who saw them say they were better than ever. Shortly after they played another show and again won the crowd over and even debuted a new song “ Last Rites”. Yes Stryctnyne are writing new material that they plan on recording for a full length album. It would be a safe bet that along with new material they will summon from the dead songs that perished in flames, songs that were heard by their Metal Warrior Army back in time. Songs like Witches Hunt, Kiss of Death, We are the Ones and Hammerdown should sit nicely alongside brand new material.

Band Members:

Siren Scac – Vocals Samson James – Bass Grandma Cyco – Guitar Thunder Kixx – Drums

Hometown: Long Island, New York

And…One  unforgettable video of Stryctnyne - BLASPHEMER

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