Nu metal which is also popularly known as the neo /new or agro metal is one of the genres in the alternative metal music. It involves the fusion of heavy metal music along with other multiple numbers of genres which mostly includes the renowned ones especially, i.e. funk, hip hop, or grunge, etc. The Nu Metal style of music is hugely syncopated and depends on the guitar riffs. Though it is rare to see guitar solos but still it is the basis of Nu Metal.

A seven sting guitar is usually used in the nu metal bands with a low B to make the sound heavier than usual which gives the touch of nu metal. Djs make use of rhythmic electronic background along with scratching to add the effects to it. Vocalists in the nu metal bands adapt styles between rapping, growling, singing and screaming.

Time And Evolution of the Nu Metal

Going back in time, the nu metal genre took up to popularity during the year 1997. And approaching the year 1998 the era was marked as a nu metal one only and it became a mainstream at that time. Some bands like for example the Industrial Metal tried blending in the nu metal genre with others. But while nearing the year 2002 critics started stating that the genres popularity was facing a decline in comparison to earlier time. However, they did accept that some bands still had it to hit commercial success.

Ross Robinson, a producer, was often denoted by the term Godfather of the Nu Metal Genre. On a closer observation it can be seen that most bands that came into the Nu Metal genre of music were from California and to be more specific; Korn and Deftones that were hits and had pioneered the nu metal music.

nu-metal-limp-bizkitThere were some more influential bands that brought a revolution in the music industry with their innovation in the field of nu metal genre. These bands were; Limp Bizkit who were from Florida, Staind from the Massachusetts, and the Slipknot from Iowa.

In the year 1994, Korn debuted its single number music video for Blind and for which it received airplay on MTV which exposed the nu metal music genre to a much wider set of audiences during a time that was dominated by grunge.

MTV became the hit platform for nu metal to achieve continuous recognition and later Ozzy Osbourne introduced Ozzfest in 1995 which was followed by the talk of resurgence of heavy metal in the media.

Popularity Of The Nu Metal

In the year 1997 when the nu metal was starting to get popularity, Korn released its single A.D.I.D.A.S from their album which was named Life Is Peachy. The album reached billboard 200’s number 3. And the single released reached the number 13 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles Billboard. More and more such releases took place and the band and many other like it and unlike too, grew and touched new horizons.

nu-metal-papa-roachAnd soon there were a lot of bands that followed and most bands that went without achieving a decent amount of fame in the industry. Some had weird names but great sense of music and blend of talent and innovation while some had made it irresistible for people to not love them or dance at their tunes, singing, or even screaming. Some of the names in the genre of nu metal are; Linkin park, Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Karnivool, Kid Rock, Skillet, Rage Against The Machine, Clawfinger, Korn, Marilyn Manson, No One, Nothingface, Flymore, Fury of Five, Type O Negative, System of a Down, Stone Sour, Maximum the Hormone, Flaw, Fear Factory, Spineshank, Lostprophets, etc.