Good old liberty rock is live and kicking in the 21st century and guess what – it is still a pain in the ass for politicians and the conservative society . If you do not believe me you should check out The Honest Mistake Band we discovered on youtube today.

They are not like anything you could expect a rock band to produce  these days. I mean we live in the time of money, commercialism and music is supposed to be easy to swallow by the well researched and profiled mass consumer.  Well these guys don’t seem to care. They do what they have to do and they say what they want to say. Just like in the days when the great rock bands were formed. I am so happy to discover them and share them with you.

The Honest Mistake Band may sound like something from the late 60s when you first listen to them. They use a lot of acoustic guitar. Effect are limited to chorus and distortion. The singer is your old school hard rock/metal voice adding beautiful vocal melodies and changing the whole experience. His voice carries a special emotional charge. He can be angry and loud when  pressure builds up and later in the verse he can be laid back, melodic and soft. With the support of the band this creates a very artistic and true rock experience.

Their lyrics don’t spare the truth but we did not expect different from The Honest Mistake Band. They are real.

NEW_GUITARS_DRUM_PHOTO_the honest mistake band