gothic rockRock music is a special set of music that makes heads bang and bodies rock from the top to bottom no matter how much you try to resist. Gothic Rock which is also known as goth or goth rock is a subgenre of music in the post punk and the alternative rock genre which came into existence during the end of 1970s. However, Goth bands grew with strong knowledge of English punk rock genre and the emerging post punk scene. The genre was defined as a completely different type of movement from the post punk because of its intensely darker music which was accompanied by romantic yet introspective lyrics. Later the genre made a broader subculture which included the clubs, publications, and fashion during the year 1980s.

Emergence of Goth Rock – Past and Evolution

Jthe doorsohn Stickney the critic described the music by the band The Doors using the term Gothic Rock in a review that he published in the Williams Record. He also wrote that The Doors met the journalists in a gloomy wine cellar which was vaulted in the Hotel Delmonico, which seemed like the perfect room for honoring gothic rock band; The Doors. The critic author also added in his statement that apart from the amusing yet pleasing hippies, a certain level of violence could be observed in their music and there was an evident dark atmosphere that formed during their stage performances and concerts.

The atmosphere built by post punk music bands like the Joy Division, Banshees, Siouxsie, etc was described using the word in the 1970s. Nick Kent, another critic used the term gothic in one of his reviews that he wrote on the second album by Magazine which was Secondhand Daylight.

Soon after a period the word gothic became like a critical abusive term used for describing and denoting bands like the Bauhaus that came to rise in the year 1979. In the year 1980s the post punk bands purposefully included more and gothic characters for visualization purpose in their music and these bands included the Siouxsi and the Cure, etc.

Apart from that, an interesting thing associated with the Gothic Rock genre is the visual elements that accompanied it. When it came to fashion influenced the medieval type styled attires, victorian attires, and even renaissance attires, or much worse; the combination of them all. More often this was followed by black clothing and heavy amount of makeup and hair, completely in black. Singers of gothic rock bands used to crimp their hairs.

The Highs, The Lows And The Goth!

gothic-rock-1Despite of all the criticism and dual behavioral response received from critics as well as people around the world, Gothic Rock managed to become a hit amongst most and influenced most into their scene without any glitches. Some of the bands are still a hit and will always remain one due to their unique sense of style along with the intense music and romantic yet dark lyrics that ironically denote the truth of the world and relationships.

Some famous bands that succeeded in getting a name in the most darkest genre of music include names like; 45 Grave, Bauhaus, Almora, All About Eve, Balaam and the Angel, The 69 Eyes, The Awakening, The Cult, Creaming Jesus, Carcrash International, Bone Orchard, The Birthday Massacre, The Cure, The Damned, Flesh for Lulu, Fields of the Nephilim, The Doors, Gary Numan, Human Drama, Get Scared, Ikon, Goethes Erben, Love and Rockets, The Merry Thoughts, Mors Syphilitica, London After Midnight, The Last Days of Jesus, The Naked and the Dead, Zeraphine, Cradle of Filth and many more undefeated lovers of music and originality!