• How to listen metal radio online?
Go to MetalStation.Org home page. Choose rock/metal radio station from the main page or the alphabetic menu. Start the radio from the “Play” button or by clicking on the link in the left menu. Player will open in a pop-up window allowing you to browse while listening.
  • Where to find list of metal radio stations?
On MetalStation.Org we offer a list of 106 working radio stations streaming rock and metal music 24/365. Choose your metal station from our list and enjoy.
  • Is it free to listen metal radios?
Yes, it is free and you are most welcome to listen and enjoy these radio stations. No recording and reproduction of the music or the other content is allowed.
  • What is metal music?
It is a type of loud rock music with electric guitars. Can be melodic (heavy, glam) aggressive (thrash, black) or melodic+aggressive (death, doom, gothic). It is a very popular genre of music listened by millions of people. Check out our list of metal radios.
  • How to watch metal music TV?
Go to our Metal TV page. Choose metal channel from the menu. Click the play button.
  • I have a metal radio and I want to get listed on MetalStation.Org
Use the contact form the send us stream url, website and a short description. It may take some time to approve your listing so please be patient.
  • Why some radios are not working?
This may be due to a server break down, a change in the stream url or other reason. Please report any broken links through our  contact form.
  • Where to download metal music MP3?
There are many sources to get metal mp3. Please check out our selection at Metal MP3.
  • I have a band and I want to get listed on MetalStation.Org
Please contact us through the contact form. Please consider buying me a beer from the footer link. Please allow some time.
  • How to make a copyright claim?
If you think any station, link or other material is violating intellectual property rights, please report immidiately through our contact form.
  • Is MetalStation.Org available via mobile devices? 
Sure it is. You can’t stop rock’n'roll!