American Metal Bands

In USA, Heavy metal is more than a music genre, it is a way to live life or a life style. US played a pivotal role in origin and development of Heavy metal music. American metal bands ‘The Velvet Underground’ and ‘Blue Cheer’ offered important contribution in development of Heavy metal music from Psychedelic rock […]

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What is Death Metal?

Death Metal is an intense form of Heavy metal music that originated from Thrash Metal during the mid 1980s.The musical structure of Death Metal is based upon Thrash and early black metal. The newly arrived music genre offered a new feel by employing deep growling vocals, blast beat drumming, multiple tempo alterations, tremolo picking, heavily […]

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British Metal Bands

British metal bands
Britain served as the birthplace of Heavy metal music. Тhe music genre originated during 1960’s. British Metal bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple played pivotal role in development and popularity of heavy metal music. The new music genre soon become very popular among audience. This giving rise to enormous population of metal […]

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