Glam Metal Bands

Glam metal is a fusion of Heavy metal and Hard Rock music. Hence, Glam metal is considered as subgenres of Heavy metal and Hard rock. Glam metal is known by many other names such as hair metal, sleaze metal and pop metal. Glam combines heavy metal music with elements of pop music and punk rock; […]

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Short History of Rock Music

rock history
Rock is a contemporary musical genre that originated as “rock and roll” in the United States. It includes elements of each one of the various musical types of the rock and roll. Among other many instruments that occasionally are added, it’s usually interpreted with the guitar, drums, and bass. The synthesizers, the piano, or the […]

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Gothic Rock – Making Heads Bang Since 1970s

gothic rock
Rock music is a special set of music that makes heads bang and bodies rock from the top to bottom no matter how much you try to resist. Gothic Rock which is also known as goth or goth rock is a subgenre of music in the post punk and the alternative rock genre which came […]

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