Many people believe that metal is the most misunderstood genre in music. When you think of metal, you imagine devil horns, ominous fast guitar solos, long hair, and some interesting (mostly) leather outfits. But this was the metal of the ‘80s. The metal of the 21st century is more diverse than ever and has grown […]

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The Honest Mistake Band Review

NEW_GUITARS_DRUM_PHOTO_the honest mistake band
Good old liberty rock is live and kicking in the 21st century and guess what – it is still a pain in the ass for politicians and the conservative society . If you do not believe me you should check out The Honest Mistake Band we discovered on youtube today. They are not like anything […]

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Sludge Metal

Also referred as just sludge, Sludge Metal is amongst the many subgenres of heavy metal music that merges the elements from genres like hardcore punk and doom metal, plus southern rock sometimes. This kind of music is usually abrasive and harsh in type and often features screamed and shouted vocals along with extremely distorted and […]

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