SacredSilver is the new project of two amazing musicians – Brian Carson (singer) and John Housley (guitarist). Currently, SacredSilver is a studio project. Carson has fronted the Michigan based successful band ‘Raggedy Ann’  and Housley is with ‘A200′, a Modern Rock act comprising five members. Housley is based in Fort Myers, Florida. It’s means that he is at 1200 miles (1,931km) away from Carson. And it is impressive, because the distance is not an obstacle for their professionalism and good sounds.

 ”Solitary” is the debut single  from SacredSilver (December 5th, 2014).

Their new single is “Load The Cannons” (January 13, 2015). On drums: Donny Brown, GJ Grosman, Chris Whited, and Brian Cobert. On Bass Steve Reich. And engineering production skills from Andy Reed at ReedRecordingCompany Scott “Scooby” Bush at TimelineStudios and Phil Pluskota!

MetalStation review: This is one of the best Rock vocals out there, kids. Very serious sound and composition behind him. This stuff is so good that it is hard to imagine this is a debut. Above the level of your average rock band, SacredSilver will surely have a bright future in metal music.

Go check them out!


sacred-silver-logoSacredSilver - No names, no faces, no labels, just Sacred music.




degenerhate FOTO-logo

The Band Members of DEGENERHATE are in the extreme music scene, since 1989, with their ex bands: CORPSEGOD,ENTHRALMENT,FLEGIAS, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE,CHAOTIC VIOLENCE, DESECRATION (a.k.a. D-FORM)and CORPSEFUCKINGART.

DEGENERHATE originally formed in Rome, Italy in 2002, the band was started by guitarist Gianluca Lucarini(all music and all lyrics writer),wellknow in the scene for the TOTAL VIRULENCE radio show at the beginning of 90’s and also as hard tapetrader.

Their sound is such a “tribute” to the bands that they love: TERRORIZER, NAPALM DEATH, DISRUPT, DOOM, CONCRETE SOX, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, CARCASS,SUFFOCATION,AUTOPSY, THE SMITHS. The band is currently active. Band Members:

GIANLUCA LUCARINI: lead guitar-screaming/backing vocals

FABIO FRASCHINI: bass guitar

RENATO LUCANDRI: vocals/grunts


ANGELO VERNATI: rhythm guitar


“CHRONICLES OF THE APOCALYPSE” is a new full length album, released by Sliptrick Records. Mastered by Scott Hull.

“Chronicles of the Apocalypse” can be streamed for free on Spotify and bought on iTunes.

Track Listing:

1.Intro, 2. Bushit, 3. Earth First, 4. War Inside My Head, 5. Behind the Black Horizon, 6. Power, 7. All the Promises That I Have Made, 8. Cannibal Ritual, 9. Breeding Hatred Inside, 10. Fur Is Dead, 11. Another You Another Me, 12. Last Fight, 13. New World Disorder, 14. No Excuses Anymore, 15. Running Through the Blood, 16. Under the Same Sky, 17. Song of Hate and Destruction, 18. Turn off the Tv Turn on the Brain, 19. Outro

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Big Stall


Big Stall – Comedy metal for quick-witted gentlemen that touches your no-no place and makes you giggle.

Philadelphia-based Big Stall is equal parts metal band and comedy troupe, whose hilariously insensitive songs and outrageous live shows put the tire back in satire!

Crushing guitars, powerful rhythms, and gratuitous keyboards provide the gargantuan soundscapes for Big Stall’s epic tales — tales utterly lacking in emotional depth or value, and packed with obnoxious wordplay and crass absurdity.


Every performance is a shock-opera extravaganza, exploding with props, costumes, action, and an overpowering synchronized video and light show. In accordance with Metal’s Law, we are required to inform you that Big Stall have moved in next door: watch your asses, kids!


MetalStation review: This is the first time we reviewed a comedy metal band and to be honest we didn’t know what to expect. Certainly we did not imagine such a great sound, professionally crafted songs, and artistic vocals. Big Stall has everything a metal band can offer plus all you can expect from a comedy artistic troupe. The guys are really having good time making fun of almost every taboo topic in America. Songs include titles like “Retards Chained to a Water Heater”, “American Terrorist”, “I Love My Mom”. John Stall (vocals, keyboards, guitars, etc.) and Bruce Force (vocals) are the masterminds behind the project but all the members of the band are hilarious with a wicked sense of humour. Their live performance is one of the best shows that modern America has to offer.

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TOME logo TOME is the sinister side project of singer-songwriter Ian. S. Cophin (Velvet Ashes). Within unconventional song structures TOME combines towering riffs and crushing drums with enigmatic melodic passages creating a dark amalgam of hauntingly evocative music. TOME was conceived in spring 2014 when Ian S. Cophin felt the urge to engage in darker, heavier music that transcends the traditional song format while remaining accessible.

TOME Nemesis CD cover

About half a year later, TOME’s debut, NEMESIS, was released on Bandcamp. All material was written, arranged, performed, programmed, recorded and produced by Ian S. Cophin, except:

Drums: Beta Monkey
Lead guitar on “EDGE OF THE VOID” and final guitar solo on “DARK CONSPIRACY”: Roberto Diana
Poem on “DARK CONSPIRACY” written by Charles C.
Mixed and mastered by Kevin Carafa
Metal Station review: Tome is a one man project created by the inspired artist Ian S. Cophin. Ian – known until now as a folk musician - has decided to follow his true self in music, and as a result the dramatic album NEMESIS emerged. NEMESIS consists of five melodic, slow instumentals best to be described as dark heavy metal influenced by “The Big 4″ style. Melodic acoustic guitar is mixed in the blend of depressive guitar riffs, pressure building drums, and weeping bass. The music is untraditional and nothing you could expect an album to be.
We wish to congratulate Ian for coming to himself and getting involved in some serious music. We will follow TOME and his progress.

Banned From Hell


Banned From Hell is an Italian Metal band. After various line-up changes, the band reached it’s current and definitive line-up, which recorded the first cd “Nightmare”, followed by it’s tour, played with national and International bands such ROTTING CHRIST, CRYPTOPSY, CATTLE DECAPITATION, DECREPIT BIRTH, EYEHATEGOD, HATE and many more. The founding members have take part of national and international tour with band as Metallica, Moonspell, Marylin Manson, Hammerfall, Disturbed, UFO, Dark Funeral, Kreator, Koma, Skunk Anansie, Breed 77 and many others. They have received excellent critique from fan and important media as MTV, Metal Hammer, Sol Musica, Heavy Rock, Rock news, etc…


Metal Station review: This is a very professional death metal band from Italy. Hard working music pros on guitars, drums and synth deliver very thick sound and the vocal  Fabio Giacalone is one of the most serious voices in modern death metal. The style is close to classical melodic death metal with tempo and beat changes but a bit more powerful and explosive. Influenced by deathcore and power metal, Banned From Hell have developed own style and special atmosphere in their songs which is difficult to descibe. One thing is for sure, however – it is Evil. They implement elements from classical music, which make them sound even more diabolical. Banned from Hell have both fast and slow songs each one of them is very dynamic and unpredictable in structure, which makes it addictive for the listener.  If you love main stream death metal you should definitely check them out.




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